Findings that you can lose 6 kg in a year just by making snacks berries

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Findings that you can lose 6 kg in a year just by making snacks berries

People who say that “exercising is troublesome but I want to lose weight!” Said that it would be effective to replace the snacks during snacks with “berries” such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Dr. Louis James of Loughborough University, 
who did not exercise, reduced the weight by 0.5 kg a 

month.A survey was conducted at the request of the UK’s Seasonal Berries. As a result, the calorie intake per meal is 134 calories less than those who eat. 

This suggests that without any exercise you can lose about 0.5 kilograms a month and lose about 6 kilograms a year. According to the doctor who 
drastically reduces the amount of 

dinner, replacing calories with berries can greatly reduce the calories consumed in the next meal, or dinner. 

Because during the four-month study period, 12 subjects changed their snacks to berries and had dinner until their stomach was full, but when they were pinching sweets, they had dinner It became clear that the amount of was increased by 20%. 

The high health benefits of blueberries and other berries are well known, but the amount of food can be reduced by a simple method of replacing snacks. 

According to Dr. et al.’S calculations, the energy intake can be reduced by an average of 938 calories per week simply by replacing the snack with berries. 

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